Founded by New Mexico native Van H. Gilbert, VHGA has had a decades-long commitment to the architecture, environment and people of the Southwest. Our team leverages talent, knowledge, experience and heart to develop contemporary architecture that is distinct of its time and place, to preserve local heritage, and to protect the environment while creating a broad portfolio of projects that enrich the diverse communities that the firm serves.


From kindergarten classrooms to concert venues, state-of-the-art science laboratories to zoological exhibits, iconic commercial and civic buildings to beautifully restored architectural treasures — we design structures that have the power to influence a community’s cultural and educational life. As proud as we are of accolades from our peers in the design industry, it is the genuine satisfaction of clients and the ultimate users of our projects that motivate us. We constantly challenge ourselves to create the optimum solutions for our clients’ most complex concerns — innovative, high-performance, sustainable and welcoming environments.